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We create and manage targeted ads to grow your business

Starting at $199/month + Ad Budget

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An easy way to see what online ads can do for you

Get in front of potential customers on Facebook, Google, and more. Set your budget and we'll take care of the rest. We target just the right people on the platforms you choose and keep you updated with regular reports.

Reach the Right People

Precise targeting to get your message in front of new customers.

A successful ad campaign starts with us working to understand your business and your customer. Then we pick the right channels and put together ads to reach your audience.

Results at Any Budget

Start small and grow or easily adjust your budget to your goals.

Unlike traditional ad agencies with starting costs of $1,000/month or more, Ohava makes it easy and affordable for businesses of all sizes to grow their online presence.


Testing and analytics to help find the best path to your customer.

Cost-effectiveness is front and center with the experiment-driven approach. Your ads keep getting better as we test different versions and find which get the best engagement.

Included for $199/month
Creation of ads, including text and images
Management of ads on one platform (Google Adwords, Facebook Ads)
Two ad versions (A/B testing) per month
Monthly report on how your ad performed
Analytics tracking, including Facebook tracking pixel if applicable
Initial setup of your Google+ Business page
Initial setup of your Facebook Organization page


What kinds of Advertisements do you run?

Right now, we specialize in two types of online advertisements:

  1. Google Adwords: Text-based advertisements that get shown to people when they search on Google for the products and services that you offer.
  2. Facebook Advertisements: Text, image, or video-based advertisements that get shown to a specified target audience on Facebook and affiliated social media.
How does online ad targeting work?

Online ads let you get your message in front of specific demographics for relatively low cost. For example, ads can be set to only be shown to users on Google searching phrases that would describe your business, or to Facebook users matching the location, age, gender, interests, and other qualities of your typical customer.

How does the ad budget work?

Your advertising budget goes directly to the selected platforms (Facebook, Google, etc.) and is spent over time as users are shown ads. A higher ad budget increases the number of times your ads can be shown.

The management fee paid to us is separate and based on the number of platforms and ad variations chosen. This covers our costs to research, create, optimize, and manage your ads and ad campaigns on each platform.

How much should my ad budget be?

We recommend an advertising budget of at least $200/month. The fee paid to us is separate, based on the number of platforms and ad variations chosen. This covers our costs to research, create, optimize, and manage your ads and ad campaigns on each platform.

Our approach is to show you the value of running ads with the least amount of dollars possible. Once you understand and see how it works, it’s simply a matter of adjusting the advertising budget to meet your long-term goals.

How long does it take for the Ads to start working?

You should start to see increased website traffic and/or customer engagement as soon as your ads go live. While measuring ROI can vary depending on industry and competition, we recommend committing to at least 3 months of advertising. This allows for time to run experiments, find more effective ad variations, and track how engagement may be translating to the types of results you're interested in.

Do I get to check the ads before you run them?

We will send you a preview of the ads via email prior to them going live the first time. In order to keep overhead low and allow for creative freedom, later versions may be reviewed for approval only by request. You can trust us to keep in line with your branding and messaging - we want you to be happy.

What can ads do for my business? How do I know it’s worth it?

When ads are running well, whether they work depends on your goals, competition, and how leads move through the rest of your sales funnel. An effective ad will target relevant audiences and help convert views into engagement: clicks, site traffic, mailing list signups, contact form submissions, and phone calls, for example. We make sure we understand your goals before starting, then provide reports so you can see for yourself if they seem to be working for you.

Successful ads can go as far as getting people on the phone with you or "in the door" whether that's your website or your physical business. For E-commerce sites, you may directly see increased sales. To get the most out of your leads, you will have to consider how ads complement and fit together with your website, landing pages, products, and existing sales processes. In this case, you may be interested in a more comprehensive online marketing service. Contact us to talk with our team or be sure to describe your needs when you sign up.