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Keep everything in one place and never miss an opportunity again. We make it easy to start by providing customization, training, integration, and support. See how CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software can help your organization achieve sales success.

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All of your contacts, leads, opportunities, and notes in one convenient place - wherever you are. No more stacks of business cards.

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Save time by automating routine tasks like follow-up communications and scheduling. Customize actions based on your sales workflow.

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Get valuable sales insights at a glance. Track your opportunities through the sales funnel. Maximize your ROI and serve your customers better.

Everything you need to easily track, follow up, and sell

SuiteCRM Dashboard

Full-featured for one price without tiers or restrictions

SuiteCRM Calendar

All your contacts and customer interactions in one place

SuiteCRM Contacts

Reports and summaries at a glance so you always know what's next

SuiteCRM Reports
Included for $99/month
Your own private, fully-hosted CRM software
Unlimited users
One-time import of your contacts and leads
Customer email setup and integration
Customer workflows initial setup
Up to 1 hour of phone support per month
1 hour webinar-based training


Can I import my contacts from another software program or app?

Probably. If the software or app in question supports export to .CSV format, then we should be able to import your data.

Will information I enter via my phone or tablet get updated in my CRM?

Yes. A cloud-based CRM means no matter what device you enter or edit information on - it will be updated across all devices.

Will the CRM software work on my phone or tablet?

The CRM solution that we use is meant to work seamlessly across tablet and phone devices via the built-in web browser. Additionally, 3rd party apps are available.

Is there a way to scan business cards and have them automatically go in my CRM?

Yes. There are free 3rd party applications available for smartphones that allow you to scan and automatically upload contact information from a business card into your CRM (there may be limits to the number scanned in the free versions of the apps).

Is there reporting functionality built into the CRM?

Yes. You can create and generate reports based on any system module and data field sets that you wish.

What happens if I cancel?

You will be able to access and export your data until the end of the final paid billing month.

For SuiteCRM:

“You can export SuiteCRM records in .csv format. When you export records from the CRM, you will be provided with the .csv file to download when the export has finished executing. You can save and open this file in applications such as Libre Office Calc or Microsoft Excel.”

For the latest instructions, please consult your CRM's documentation.

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